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About Your New Home

PvP centric and PvE friendly, Novus is a modern recreation of one of North America's largest free UO servers.

  • 100+ magic spells; all of your UO favorites and more!
  • GM everything; no skill or stat caps
  • Increased XP gains (200%) AND daily player-controlled power hour (+100%)
  • Sphere style combat in the works -- no pre-casting
  • weekly scheduled (and and also spontaneous) PVP events
  • immersive world with lore and quest lines created by seasoned Game and Dungeon Masters
  • unique weapons and player abilities
  • bi-monthly updates with new features and enhancements
  • ... and a bunch of the old NOS staff you didn't even know you missed!
  • This server is not tied to any specific style of UO gameplay and as such our development process stays in flux as we shoot for the most engaging PvP experience possible.
  • NOS:R is out of BETA, we are not expecting any more character/world wipes througout this process.

How to connect

  • Get the v0.8.3 client from your Legends of Aria dashboard
  • Choose Novus Redux [] on the community servers tab.
  • Click [Connect]
  • Spawn anywhere; have fun


Administrators Counselors Oracle (Discrod Mods) Game Masters
  • Khiafin - Developer Lead / Admin
  • Muska - Staff Lead/Admin
  • TheWildThang - CHAT
  • Jennifer Barns - CHAT
  • GM Verlorens - SR. DEVELOPER
  • Seer Ghastly - QUEST DESIGNER/SEER

Experience and Dedication

We realize that you might be hesitant to join a community-run game server. It's fair assessment to make that the people behind it are not tied to any kind of responsibility like the staff of the official servers are. We get that feel, and to help re-assure you, here's are some staff bios geared towards the relevant information:

Khiafin has been hosting and supporting multiplayer game servers for the last two decades. It all started with UO, and assisting Probe (mentor, NOS creator) with Novus Opiate Seclorum. Since then, Khi has created/managed/facilitated multiple world-wide gaming groups including the Blood Oath Mafia and more recently, The SET. These aren't names he expects you to recognize; the point is that these groups still exist. Blood Oath Mafia was formed sometime around 1998 and The SET was created 7 years ago and games together regularly, often facilitated by game servers hosted by Khi. Professionally, Khi is a full stack web developer and server administrator that has works on websites in the US top 100 most visited list and has extensive experience with project and team management.

The rest of the development team comes from many different facets of the programming world. They get together daily to discuss action items to make progress on and have weekly educational meetings where new features are discussed and directions planned. The team uses an AGILE development process with a weekly release model.


NOS:R runs on TWIN ProLiant ML350 G6's with dual 3.06GHz processors and 128GB of RAM -- dedicated Windows game servers Server.png

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