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Carpentry, is one of the tradeskills and allows creation of items on a Carpentry Table. The more skill that you have, the better quality items you are able to create.

Training Guide

This guide will help you raise your crafting skill to 100.

  • If your skill is below 30.0 it's recommended that you purchase training from a NPC Trainer, which will put your crafting skill to 30.0 and save you time and resources.
  • General rule for maximizing produced items while training: Craft desirable items such as chests and lock boxes which require around 15.0 to at most 25.0 skill points below your current skill.
    You're able to gain skill on any item which isn't Trivial to make. When a craft job becomes trivial, you have 100% chance to craft the item and 0% chance to gain skill.
  • General rule for maximizing skill gains/minimizing resources: This may vary by craft school or recipe! A particular job will generally become Trivial when your crafting skill is 25.0 points above the required skill level.
    If you wish to maximize skill training with minimal resources, always craft the cheapest recipe available as soon as possible for your level that is not Trivial until you are 25.0 points above the required skill to craft or reach an alternative cheaper or equally cheap but perhaps more desirable product. This method may not produce the best returns on invested materials if you wish to sell items for a profit, but will get you the most skill training for the least resources. Don't be afraid to fail.

WARNING Known bug: Some recipes may not display the Trivial tag once they become so until you gain another 0.1 skill from a more difficult task.

  • During your crafting sessions you should at all times check available work orders, since these will grant you some resources, money, and recipes.
    In addition to the rewards, they're also a great way to clear out your storage space from the abundance of crafted items you'll be getting.
  • Another suggestion is to craft whatever items you're able to sell to other players at a profit, compare how often you're able to craft the item and the cost of the resource to the worth of the item.

Please note that below guide has not been updated for 0.82.

Crafted Item Material Gain Range
Fishing Rod
(Work Orders)
Short Bow
(Work Orders/Sell to Vendor)
1 Wood Board 15 - 40
(Work Orders)
1 Wood Board 25 - 50
(Sell to players)
4 Wood Boards 35 - 60
Long Bow
(Work Orders/Sell to Vendor)
2 Wood Boards 40 - 65
Lock Box
(Sell to players)
4 Wood Boards 55 - 80
War Bow
(Work Orders/Sell to Vendor)
3 Wood Boards 65 - 90
War Bow
(Work Orders/Sell to Vendor)
3 Ash Boards 70 - 95
War Bow
(Work Orders/Sell to Vendor if weak, possibly sell to players)
Crafting Stations
(Sell to players)
3 Blight Boards
50-150 assorted Wood Boards, Iron Ingot, Raw Stone
75 - 100


All crafted weapons receive bonus modifiers to attack and accuracy.

Attack and Accuracy bonuses are randomly generated, weighted on both your craft skill and the resource used:

  • Maximum Attack bonus from crafting skill: 75%
  • Maximum Accuracy bonus from crafting skill: + 30


You can get work orders from respective craft skill NPC's at a rate of 1 per NPC per town per [half hour/hour?] or you may get a new work order immediately when you complete a previous order and turn it in. There is no limit to the number of work orders you may acquire at a time. It may be beneficial to acquire lots of cheap-craft orders if you are pursuing recipes.

You will receive a reward for completing work orders depending on the quantity, type of material, and requested item. Rewards may include recipes, gold, materials, and special items/decorations.

Below is a table of work orders and some of the known rewards:

Some results may vary.

Attention: a recent patch changed the WO loottable. No Blightwood boards as a reward anymore!

Quantity Material Item Reward Recipe gold
5 Wood Buckler Ash Boards Small Fence 106
10 Wood War Bow Ash Boards Inscription Table 294
15 Wood War Bow Blight Boards Anvil 448
20 Wood War Bow Blight Boards Fancy Chair 466
10 Wood Kite Shields Ash Boards Barrel 106
10 Ash Kite Shields Blight Boards Inscription Table 448
15 Ash Kite Shields Blight Boards Ash Boards 689
20 Ash Kite Shields Blight Boards Stone Fireplace 624

As you can see there is a lot randomization involved. The recipe you get and also the amount of gold -> RNG. However the reward seems to be consistent. So if you are having a hard time chopping blightwood in Black Forest you may want to fulfill work orders that give you blightwood as a reward.

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