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Date Changes
Mar.19th 2019
  • New stuff for Carpenter:
    • Wine Barrel
    • Stone Wall
    • Stone Iron Wall
    • Stone Wall Door
    • Post
    • Stone Chair
    • Ornate Chair
    • Planked Table
  • Tarrasque beefed up a little
  • Color Wars now takes 4 to start
Mar.15th 2019
  • Spells: Heals are normalized to UO standards -- greater heal can heal 50%
  • replaced /stuck command
Mar.13th 2019
  • Protection spell enabled. Allows you to cast spells uninterrupted, but decreases your magic resist, physical resist, and base cast time. It lasts until you re-cast it on yourself or until you die.
  • Equipping spellbook will make spells cast a quarter second quicker.
Mar.9th 2019
  • Inscription Skill will now allow you to write recipes that you know.
  • Deco window now has more options for moving stuff.
  • All new edged weapons can be poisoned.
Mar.8th 2019
  • Bugfix: Marksmanship now has a lower chance than 100%. Whoops =D
  • All spell cast times have been reduced by 250ms.
  • Fixed Paralyze spell, had some weird math in the freeze time that was only meant for mobs.
  • nope --> I think I fixed the crafting levels for items that were failing often, but that needs to be tested. <--- nope
  • QOL: Inscription table UI updates


Date Changes
Feb. 21th 2019
  • Tailors can craft mobile donation pouches. These pouches convert items directly to 'worth' which is stored as a visible attribute. They can then be dropped directly into the donation boxes to have their value applied to G-PH counter -- basically mobile blessed trash cans EXCEPT STUFF YOU PUT INTO THEM IS INSTANTLY DESTROYED.
  • Rare Recipe Boxes have been added as super rare drops in some loot tables!
  • Provoke is back! It's on the Blightwood Crook in the primary action slot.
  • Bugfix: Hotbar tweak for spells, should work a little better now.
Feb. 20th 2019
  • New Spell! "Imbue Weapon" (Circle 6): enchant weapons with magical properties relative to your magery/arms lore skill. Imbued weapons have a limited amount of charges, lose durability faster than regular weapons, and cannot be repaired.
  • Added ArmsLore to blacksmiths. They will begin to teach it after the next reset.
  • Fast-follower updates for Arms Lore and Mentor, more to come with Mentor still...
  • Bugfix: Arms Lore gains working again, now gives more dynamic information about whatever is being identified.
  • Bugfix: Mentor, you can no longer target yourself... but you can try. Also, skills are listed with their display name instead of programmatic key. Whoops!
  • Bugfix: Spells Resurrect and Hail Storm have had their reagent requirements updated. Re-drag those to your hotbar for tooltip updates!
  • QOL: HUD will now allow twice as many spells to be floated on screen
  • QOL: Liches at Valus GY, the boss will spawn more often. Also, added a rare demon that spawns there that just might be tamable...
Feb. 19th 2019
  • Added our first ALLOY: Steel!
  • Added our first LAMINATE: Broodwood!
  • Obsidian tweaks: much less durability, higher attack
  • Changed color of Cobalt so it doesn't get confused with Steel
  • Event Credit Vending machines will be placed at major banks
  • Added metal shields
  • Added 18 new melee weapons and 1 bow
  • Magic Weapons no longer spawn with their "of Whatever" power level defined because...
  • New Skill: Arms Lore! Primary ability: Identify. Arms lore helps your chances in combat and crafting.
  • New Skill: Mentor! Primary ability: Mentor. Mentors can teach skills that they have mastered.
  • EDIT: Your health bar will turn green now when you are poisoned.
  • New Spell! "Imbue Weapon" (Circle 6): enchant weapons with magical properties relative to your magery/arms lore skill. Imbued weapons have a limited amount of charges, lose durability faster than regular weapons, and cannot be repaired.
Feb. 12th 2019
  • Bugfix: Red players who couldn't open their character windows can now
  • QOL: Players can now sell items directly from their horse's packs.
  • QOL: Players can now "reset" their abilities and get the books back via a button in the ability book.
  • Bugfix: Item tooltips will now update after they have been repaired.
Feb. 10th 2019
  • Bugfix: Bloody bandages will no longer break when you target something that isn't water or an empty container...
  • QOL: Blightwood availability should be slightly up as the difficulty was lowered from 125 to 110. We will need feedback here.
  • Dye Tubs removed from Bobby the Gambler
  • Jewelry drops fixed...?
  • Color War updates, player carrying both team flags now gets trail effect applied.
  • Added /page command. This lets you send messages for help directly from in-game.
Feb. 8th 2019
  • Added /wiki command. Use it to get to the wiki quickly. You can also do: /wiki searchterm
  • Improved some Dead Log messages
  • Global Power Hour trigger cut in half, takes 50% less total item value to reach.
  • Slightly lowered the level requirement for new magic containers -- more to come here.
  • Color War updates. We gots points and vending machines now... WHERE WILL YOU BE FRIDAY NIGHT?
  • Made named (boss) Liches look cooler and gave them better monikers.
Feb. 7th 2019
  • "... of Holding": GM Carpenters and Tailors will find that they can create special magical containers that allow you to carry an infinite amount of their intended contents (see Regbag of Holding, Arrow Box of Holding)
  • Bugfix: Spell descriptions.
  • Bugfix: You should once again be able to resize your plots to the max without being obstructed -- but remember, trees don't go away if you place a house over them!
Feb. 6th 2019
  • 2H weapons now have an [increased] chance to hit [over the standard] 1H
  • QoL: Fixed Global Power Hour trigger. You shouldn't have to re-log to get it anymore ;)
  • Various other little optimizations
Feb. 4th 2019
  • All items donated via Donation Box will now count towards G-PH (minimum 1gp) regardless of the value.
  • Bugfix: Plot windows work again. These may still need to be revisited, but it seems functional at the moment.
Feb. 1th 2019
  • /stuck removed as it was found to be exploitable. If you get stuck, try #gm-help
  • New Spell: Night Sight
  • QoL: You can recall off of yourself again.


Date Changes
Jan. 31th 2019
  • Bugfix: Pet reviving fix. You can no longer over-slot :P
  • Bugfix: Bloodmoss now disappears over time (there was a bug where it stayed around forever until collected).
  • Harvesting now works with Mining and Lumberjacking.
  • QoL: Fixed plant name colors (The CTRL text for Nightshade is no longer darker than Ginsing)
  • QoL: Bloodmoss now has a slower transition.
  • QoL: Arrow retrieval part 1: you can get arrows back on things that have backpacks
Jan. 30th 2019
  • DONATION BOXES APPEAR AT ALL MAJOR BANKS... and the rest eventually. You can leave stuff here, and everything that gets thrown into your personal Trash Cans first takes a trip to the dono box before getting destroyed.
  • As some have discovered, donated items go towards triggering a global power hour once detroyed
Jan. 29th 2019
  • QoL: Removed Guard Towers (needs reset)
  • Blacksmithing: New tool, the Smith Hammer! Abilities are "repair" and "reclaim"...
    • Repair: based on your skill level, repair a percentage of damage on an object (never full, permanent damage compounds every repair)
    • Reclaim: based on your skill level, reclaim some of the ore from armor and weapons
  • COLOR WARS! New PvP Mode for largescale team battles that we (GM's) can kick off whenever we want.
Jan. 27th 2019
  • QoL: Mark now works in BarrenLands and BlackForest
  • QoL: Durability adjustments have been returned to the NOS rates
  • Bugfix: Incognito never wearing off...
Jan. 25th 2019
  • Enhancement: Vanish using Plate should work now. You can't move afterwards, but you can poof. I suppose you could unequip and move afterwards...
  • Enhancement: Merchants now take money from your bank. Well, it takes money from your pack first, and then your bank.
  • Enhancement: Speaking of wells, you can now wash bloody bandages at them.
  • Loot Crates: Wells have been added to rare loot crates. Low chance to drop.
  • Incognito has been re-enabled.
Jan. 23th 2019
  • Buff: All bows sped up slightly. The larger ones match the larger 2h weapon speeds now.
  • Bugfix: Spelling error for broken furniture box fixed. If you have any of these that don't work just let me know and we will replace them.
  • Bugfix: casting from invis. I was unable to reproduce this, but I added some code to check if the player is invis when the spell lands that should handle it. Do let me know if you run into it again!
  • Bugfix: Reagent requirements fixed for a few spells that only had Mandrake or Blood Moss listed.
Jan. 22nd 2019
Jan. 18th 2019
  • Bugfix: Spirit Speak gains when you talk to ghosts.
  • Bugfix: Detect Hidden gains when you reveal something.
  • Bugfix: most buffs now drop when you die. Same for Debuffs (Curse, etc).
  • Bugfix: mobs are casting correctly again! Expect them to learn some new spells soon >:)
  • Bugfix: sometimes you would get stuck unable to double-click horse to mount, I think I've solved that one
  • Magery: you can now cancel a cast by toggling combat mode.
  • Meditation: a little faster overall, focus is much better.
  • Runes: double click to rename!
  • Dye Tubs: can now dye SPELLBOOKS and RUNES
  • Chaotic karma opt-in removed. Don't help baddies if you don't want to go grey for 5 minutes!
  • Liches are much more mean now that they are casting with Magery and have Resist
  • New experimental mob type... spawn TBD
  • Cure Spell: now cures up to level 4 depending on your skills
Jan. 17th 2019
  • Corrected Oasis spawns.
  • Removed the Character Window message that Wisdom reduces magic damage.
  • Corrected chances of getting extra meat with high harvesting.
  • Player is no longer blocked after harvesting a slain enemy.
  • Players can now move and cancel an accidental burying of runes.
Jan. 13th 2019
  • Bugfix: Clean Bloody Bandages with Full Waterskins. This was broken, now it's fixed.
  • New Skill: Harvesting.
    • Find resources throughout the world, and find more of them with higher Harvesting skill!
  • New Skill: Poisoning.
    • will allow you to poison bladed weapons. Down the road, you will be able to poison food and water.
    • the entire poison/cure system is new (or old if you're into UO) -- there are levels. Cure cures levels of poison. Good luck.
  • Skill Updates: Archery.
    • Everything is faster, bows themselves, gains, etc. These are still being adjusted down.
    • Bugfix: (and the actual problem...) you will no longer hit 100% of the time with Marksmanship -- another one I didn't realize was broken =D
  • New pots will begin dropping in chests/from mobs.
  • New scrolls will begin dropping in chests/from mobs.
  • [EDIT] I forgot the CRUCIBLE! There's now a portable alchemy "table" tool.
  • [EDIT] Oh yeah, and dye tubs are dropping on certain mobs. They are rare, and come in over 1000 different colors!
  • [EDIT] Magic had an intense rebalance as well.
Jan. 13th 2019
  • magic reagents now spawn around the world for harvesting -- in some areas, this will require a seed object reset which we will try to do at a low-volume time.
  • potions have been re-done (phase 1)
    • levels: lesser (15%), regular (30%), greater (60%), superior (80%)
    • reagents required have been changed
    • bones and blood will be used in other potions later...
  • Bloody Bandages are in -- I know about the stacking.
    • Wash them with a water flask. More wash points in future updates...
  • Bows have entered a balancing phase. The initial and most major adjustment being to the Short bow: from 2.5 to 4 attack speed. At 100+ AGI, a 2.5 attack speed made everyone shoot arrows like Legolas. You'll likely see speeds like that again down the road, but it will be on a Unique bow.
  • You should no longer be flagged as criminal for allegiance fighting.
  • Mission Dispatchers have been fixed.
  • GM Detect Hidden ping will no longer reveal YOURSELF. Derp
Jan. 11th 2019
  • Magic Reflection spell
  • Consumable Tracker v0.2 (you can drag it now)
  • Fixed Marksmanship gains w/out using ammo, you guys weren't gonna tell me? :(
  • Fixed Ruin and Contempt mobs! The bosses spawn and drop skulls more often now :)
Jan. 10th 2019
  • Treasure map drop rates fixed
  • Treasure Hunting works for SOS maps now (incl. difficulties)
  • Don't forget "GUARDS" works again if there are criminals around
  • Coffin containers on Lich mobs are now packed furniture items
  • Valus and Oasis guards will teach Lancing
  • Faction warriors will no longer receive murder counts for killing opposing faction members
  • Spirit Speak (OoOOoOOo) [ 100% untested, you get to guinea pig]
  • Released pets decay quicker
  • Consumable tracker v0.1
  • When poisoned and not able to cure, bandages should heal for half
Jan. 8th 2019
  • Death Boss drops are fixed
  • New Skills!
    • Magic Resist (no longer tied to Wisdom)
    • Detect Hidden (adds Reveal ability to find hidden players; GM's get passive 4 meter auto-detect)
    • Marksmanship (ability to shoot arrows while moving)
  • New Spells!
    • Wall of Stone
    • Reveal
    • Mind Blast
    • Explosion (3 second delay)
    • Poison Field
    • Refresh has been fixed
    • Power Up has been fixed
    • Defense Up has been fixed and renamed to Fortify
  • Some light karma tweaks re: "what really is murder anyway?"
  • Live player count on the bottom left of your UI
  • Buffs now last 10 minutes
  • Criminal flag (and "GUARDS!")
  • [missed] Bandaging while poisoned will now ONLY cure the poison
  • Other fixes from CS updates; see their changelog
Jan. 4th 2019
  • Dungeon chest loot tweaked
  • Nightmare error fixed, will now spawn along with Brazen Bronco and Silver Steed
  • Pet stats will auto fix over time, so 1 slot horses will be back to 2 now
  • Balron Boss loot tweak (magic weapon drops increased)
  • "I banish thee" to kick people from your plot/house. Doesn't actually ban yet, but it will eventually...
  • Work began on new spells that will come out on Tuesday!
  • Terracotta/stone house deed fix
  • Reviving pets checks pet slots now
  • World horse spawn variety increased
  • Sold horse's variety increased
  • "Copper" references changed to "Gold"
  • Dragons should no longer attack lesser dragons in their immediate area
Jan. 1th 2019
  • Taming updates
    • lots of new things can be tamed. I guess you just have to try...
    • tame slots raised... but now it's based on your BeastmasterySkill/10. Defaults to 1 so you can tame bunnies and stuff at least ;)
    • rare Dire and super-rare Dread versions of lesser mobs exist throughout the world
    • statues now take on the hue and name of the dismissed creature
    • new (Ash/Blight) crooks added, each with new abilities...
    • Calm: attempt to make peace with a creature
    • Provoke: attempt to provoke a creature
  • First phase mob balance pass... make things hit harder and soak up a little more damage
  • New mounts can be found in the form of "broken" creatures throughout the world
    • Wyverns
    • Trolls
    • Wargs (that pig dog thing)
    • Demon Horses (x3)
    •  ??? did he say DEMON HORSES?
  • New Dragon Classes
    • Wyrmlings -- these are like mini Wyverns
    • Drake re-work: using a different model, skills/spells
    • Dragon spawns: find colored dragons around the world, each with their own set of abilities and spells
  • New Mob Types (different things will use these types, but for starters it's just the wyrmlings/drakes/wyverns/dragons and a few trolls)
    • Fire: it burns us
    • Ice: it chills us (more work coming here)
    • Poison: it sickens us
    • Lunar: only appear at night, stronger, slightly better loot
  • Other:
    • Plot max size raised to 40
    • Vendors buy higher quality [crafted] goods back at higher prices
    • Corruption demons are strong
    • Secondary stats can now go to 100
    • Crate vendor sells lottery items. Starting with furniture crates, but this will be expanded. He also sells packed trashcans for your house!
    • Fix: Killing pets should no longer give you murder counts.



Date Changes
Dec. 29th
  • Banking option from house sign.
  • Power Hour timer in character menu.
  • Power Hour button disappear when it's not usable. (has some slop, so if you're punctual, give it a few more minutes to update).
  • Rebalanced light armour because natural couldn't be lowered past 45.
  • Spider silk change to lessen confusion from the crafting ingredient and the reagent.
Dec. 28th
  • Dying will cause you to lose 25% of your Fame!
  • Character window bug fixed. Karma titles should be displaying correctly, but may need tweaks...
Dec. 26th
  • Lord/Lady name titles are now showing correctly (lots of you are pretty stacked with Fame, eh?!)
  • Coin bags will only weigh 1 now, no matter the amount of coins in them
Dec. 25th
  • Fame/Karma based titles
  • LADY titles for 10k fame female characters, and of course LORD for males...
  • some new GM tools, oOoOoO
  • Fixed default sound pack for "cloth" to be "leather" instead of "plate" -- should allow players to hide in ALL cloth now
  • added murder counts. If you kill 5 people without an 8 hour break in between, you will become a murderer. Murder counts decay every 8 (in-game) hours UNLESS you commit another one. Who will be the first perma? :D
  • Disabled karma switching window and karma protection... I will probably need to tweak more stuff here, sorry if it causes issues. Tough to test all alone :<
  • Uh yeah, boom. Taming is coming next.
Dec. 22th
  • Mobs casting again, but not around corners :'D
  • Magery tweaks for "out of range" spells, should no longer prime.
  • 2 New abilities from CS...
  • Ethereal Bones should be dropping more often
  • Bank soft limit is in place. We'll add a "bank" button on your house sign within the next few days for making the move...
  • Overpower and Stab were tweaked by CS. We might re-visit.
  • You can now expand your plot over rocks and trees. Maybe other things... please don't abuse this.
Dec. 21th
  • REALLY fixed attacking your own pet (I hope) -- it will actually take you out of combat mode now so double clicking your mount in combat mode should just mount! I'll replace any horses that get killed in accidental testing.
  • mobs can cast again
  • small buff for unarmed speed
  • small nerf for dagger attacks
Dec. 20th
  • fixed selfcast magery spells
  • fixed some death stuff
  • removed autotargeting
  • fixed magery titles
  • removed tax stuff from bankers
  • removed tax stuff from plots
  • bats of all types are now harvestable
  • ash/blightwood arrows no longer require recipes
  • you can no longer meditate in heavy armor
  • you can no longer hide in metal armor
  • added "Check in!" button plot to refresh decay timer. Click it or open a door on your property once a month to restart your plot decay timer.
Dec. 17th
  • Power Hour fixed. You can now do whatever, even log out, and it will stay applied..
  • Fishing for maps fixed
  • Ghost tweak/fixes (oOooOOo)
  • Magic weapons are back (+nein nein nein!)
  • Eq should no longer shake cameras in town
  • Magery trainers (Reggie knows Magery now too!)
  • Loot table tweaks for new stuff
  • Dark Lord drops fixed
Dec. 14th
  • GHOSTS should be INVIS unless in COMBAT MODE.
  • You can NO LONGER ATTACK YOUR OWN PETS :heart: (this might need some work still)
  • ARMOR BUFFS -> Rogues were way outDPS'ing tanks. So we didn't nerf rogues, we buffed armor! Let us know what you think about the new DEF ratings.
  • Warforks should no longer be labeled as Pitchforks
  • Crafting Orders should be fixed across the board

... and some more things that aren't 100% that we are working on, dye tubs, jail system, and another special treat that I'm going to keep under my hat until this weekend ;)

Dec. 11th
  • Magery: Last night our second major update went out. This combines Evocation and Manifestation into "Magery", simplifying your grind a little.
  • Crafting Orders: Should be fixed now! The old/broken ones may not work still, but new ones should.

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