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Crafting is the art of creating items out of resources by using crafting tools and crafting stations.

General crafting

There are currently 2 categories of crafting related skills:


Tools are required for many of the gathering skills and may be required by certain crafting and augmenting recipes. If you don't have the right tool for a given job the task may be more difficult or simply impossible. Sometimes a weapon may work as a makeshift tool and vice-versa; for example you can chop down a tree with a battleaxe, but the results are likely to be less than optimal.

Gathering skills require the following tools:

Crafting stations

Crafting Stations are required for many of the crafting and augmenting skill recipes. These are specialized areas in the world (either permanent or portable) creating the correct conditions for players to craft items. Some simple recipes may not require a crafting station.

Crafting/augmenting skills typically require the following crafting stations:

Trivial crafting

As the player character increases their crafting skill(s), they will find that certain items become too easy to craft. These items are flagged as Trivial in the crafting menu. Trivial items have a 100% chance to be crafted but will not grant the player character any chance of gaining skill points. An item becomes Trivial once a player character has 25 more skill points than the item's minimum requirement.
For example: Lockboxes, which have a skill requirement of 55 will become trivial to make at 80 skill points. With at least 80 skill points, the player can make Lockboxes without fail but will not gain skill points for their time.

If the player wishes to increase their crafting skills, they must avoid crafting Trivial items and instead work on another item to craft.

Raw materials

Gathering resources

Collecting resources is the first step in crafting. Resources can be found in many places, both natural and otherwise, all over the Shards and you may even be able to buy them from merchants or other players.

To gather resources you will typically need to have the correct tool in your inventory and some level of the appropriate Gathering Skill. You can then simply approach a harvest-able node (pile of rocks, trees, plants, animal corpses, etc.) and left click to attempt to gather the resources. You may be able to make multiple attempts to gather from a single node and the resource will disappear (or change) when it is depleted. Depending on your skill, your tool and the difficulty of harvesting the particular resource, you may fail entirely or you might even get lucky and find a rare resource.

Gathering has been implemented in Celador and certain other worlds. You can currently gather a variety of resources of the following types:

  • Wood (skill: Lumberjacking)
  • Stone (skill: Mining)
  • Ore (skill: Mining)
  • Plants (skill: None required)
  • Meat (skill: None required)
  • Leather (skill: None required)

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