Easy Ways To Make Snooker Players Faster

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RKG snooker is a result of great efforts by the philanthropist known as Ravindra Kumar Gupta.
This venture of his is a culmination of his great love for cue sports since he was 16 years old. It is targeted towards promoting cue sports and simultaneously keeping the sports enthusiast updated with the latest happenings of this field of sports. The life of Ravindra Kumar Gupta is also as interesting as his venture RKG Snooker.

In an illustrious family of freedom fighters, businessman, politician and philanthropist, he was born on 11th December, 1948 at Darya Ganj, New Delhi. His father Lala Shyamlal Gupta was a remarkable pioneer through his establishment of educational books publication which we all must had studied at some point of time in our life by the name S.Chand & Co.
He added politics to his life by becoming a rajya sabha member. Mr. Gupta has an education record full of prestigious institutions. First, he did schooling from Birla School, Nainital. He had an awesome combination of brilliance and skill in cricket, chess, carrom, snooker, billiards, and skittles in his early age.

Then he did his graduation from famous Hansraj College of Delhi University. He had intense passion for cue sports since his early age. He played it with great perfection and enthusiasm. He learned business and management skills from his father and used the same skills to form the Delhi Billiards & Snooker Association of Delhi and became its founder Vice - President in 1977 at the age of 29 years.

After few years, he left the organisation as he wanted to create his own niche in the snooker world. He then started organizing S.Chand-Jaypee Snooker tournament in 1998. 4 such tournaments were held till 2003 in the beautiful picturesque of Mussoorie. He kept on organising much bigger tournaments without even a bit of publicity of him or his company.
He launched his book Cue Sports-Compendium to create awareness about cue sports among the youth of nation. The book contains articles on great legends and current champions of the sports and also tells about the much less known sports in this genre like carrom billiards, shuffle pool, etc.

He also sponsors both Indian and foreign players in professional circuits. He has sponsored even world number 4 and 2 snooker players. Rkgsnookers has some special columns like players, records, rules of the sport. This venture of the great philanthropist is set to make cue sports one of the leading sports of the nation and is also a perfect step towards raising the awareness about game and keeping the game fans updated about details as minute as world rankings of every Indian player and their individual performances.