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Lumberjack is one of the trade skills and allows the cutting of trees to harvest usable wood using a hatchet. Higher skill is required to harvest rarer materials, which can be identified by an alternate (reddish) color pattern on a tree's leaves. The quantity and regrowth rate of trees varies by region. For example, trees around Eldeir may only take around 15 seconds to cut down and a few minutes to respawn while trees around Helm and Valus may take around 30 seconds to cut down and several minutes to respawn.

  • Blightwood is difficult to harvest because it's target level is 100. You may begin attempting to harvest at 75 with a very high chance to fail. Failure cannot be eliminated because a lumberjack skill of 125 would be required.

Resources can be further processed using Carpentry.

Harvesting Wood

Item Skill Sample Trees Comments Screenshot
Wood 0
Typical Wood Trees
Normal looking trees & pines (small/normal/tall).

Found anywhere in Celador.

Chopped Wood
AshWood 35
Samples of Ash Trees
Found around Eldeir, Valus, Helm and Pyros' Landing for example.

Small/normal/tall trees & pines with orange/brown leaves at the end of the branches. Branches sometimes appear pink (when leafless or when occluded)

Chopped Ash
Blightwood 75
Blightwood Tree
Found around the black forest outpost.

Pines with red needles at the end of the branches and leafless tall trees (around the swamp) Branches sometimes appear pink (when leafless or when occluded) It is difficult to tell the difference between ash and blightwood. The droprate is low.

Chopped Blightwood


You can buy this skill to level 30 at any carpenter.

It is possible to GM lumberjack by chopping ordinary wood all the way to 100.

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