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During PowerHour the rate of skill gain is raised by 100%. With our server normally being 200% gains, power hour grants a total 400% gain rate compared to official servers. The PowerHour lasts for 60 minutes. Unlike new developments on the official servers, the PowerHour is an innate ability of all NOS characters.

Individual PowerHour

Your individual PowerHour can be started by pressing this button:
After PowerHour has started, there is a cool down of 22 hours that begins immediately. Once PowerHour has ended, you must wait 21 hours to use the ability again.

Players can check the remaining cool down time on their character sheet, also known as paper doll:

Global PowerHour

The start of the global PowerHour is triggered by filling the donationbox either through direct deposit of items/gold or through indirect deposit via any trash barrel in the world. Once items reach the donationbox, they will stay there for 5 Minutes. During the 5 minute wait, anyone may remove the item from any donation box (meant for new player assistance, currently unregulated). After 5 minutes, items in the donation box are deleted and their value is added towards the global PowerHour goal.
Some items don't have a sale value and are just discarded - this will be changed soon. (Khi)
Once the goal is reached the global PowerHour starts automatically and last for 60 minutes, refreshing an individual PowerHour's remaining time if applicable.
Currently the global PowerHour goal is 2.5 million gold.

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