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Novus Redux relies on a proficiency based system, therefore skill points are gained by performing actions. Upon character creation players are allocated 100 skill points that can be distributed between four skills. There are currently many skills available, and there is no skill cap. Skills can be accessed by pressing the K key or by clicking on the blue book on your characters paper doll. Skills can be set to a maximum level with a slider found that specific skills page. Skills can be tracked or untracked on the right side of the UI by clicking the "Track Skill" button on the top right of a skill page. Up to 6 skills can be tracked at one time.

There seems to be a bug in Early Access (v 0.8.3). Some skills at 0.0 (even if it is set to raise) will never succeed nor will you gain proficiency. You must train to 30 for 300g at respective NPC Trainers before you will be able to train through normal use. [This should be fixed in Novus Redux, but someone would need to start training something at level 0 to verify. ~Verlorens]

Combat skills

A character may choose to train any of the following combat skills:

Skill Description
Anatomy Anatomy determines the effectiveness of bandaging and offers a damage bonus with melee and ranged weapons.
Animal Lore Your knowledge of animals. Determines your ability to control and adds a bonus to healing your pets
Animal Taming Animal Taming is the ability to control certain creatures.
Archery Archery determines effectiveness when using archery weapons.
Bashing Bashing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies, and being hit by enemies, when using bashing weapons.
Beastmastery Beastmastery is how well you can control your pets. Both in how many you can control at once, and how effective they are in battle.
Blocking Blocking determines effectiveness using a shield.
Detect Hidden Detect hidden determines effectiveness in uncovering hidden creatures.
Evaluate Intelligence Evaluate Intelligence determines how successful a player is at casting offensive magic spells.
Healing Healing determines effectiveness using bandages.
Heavy Armor Proficiency The player's effectiveness at using heavy armor.
Hiding Allows the player to become hidden, removing them from the sight of other players.
Lancing Lancing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies, and being hit by enemies, when using lancing weapons.
Light Armor Proficiency The player's effectiveness at using light armor.
Magery Magery determines your knowledge of magics.
Magic Resistance Magic Resistance determines your chance to resist offensive magic spells.
Marksmanship Marksmanship determines the accuracy of archery weapons while on the move.
Meditation Meditation determines your ability to actively and passively regenerate mana.
Piercing Piercing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies, and being hit by enemies, when using piercing weapons.
Poisoning Poison food or a weapon.
Slashing Slashing determines effectiveness at hitting enemies, and being hit by enemies, when using slashing weapons.
Stealth Stealth allows the player to move while hidden.
Wrestling Wrestling determines effectiveness at hitting enemies, and being hit by enemies, when unnarmed.

Trade skills


The higher a player's skill, the better the items that can be created.

Skill Decription
Alchemy The capacity to manipulate the magic in different ingredients to create better potions.
Blacksmithing The capacity to be able to work metal and allows creation of metal weapons, armor and tools.
Carpentry The capacity to work wood. Allows the creation of wooden items.
Cooking The ability to prepare food for consumption. Eating prepared food can also provide special bonuses.
Tailoring The capacity to work leather and cloth to make items, clothing, and furniture. Allows creation of cloth and leather items.
Inscription The ability to craft spell scrolls and spellbooks.


The higher a player's skill, the better their capacity to gather resources.

Skill Description
Fishing The capacity to fish. The higher your fishing skill, the better your capacity to reel, catch, and find fish.
Harvesting Your experience improves your abilities when harvesting.
Lumberjack The capacity to harvest wood from trees. The higher this skill is, the more wood can be harvested from trees.
Mining The process of breaking rock to find usable metal ore. The higher the skill the better the chance of finding decent ore when mining.

Other skills

Skill Description
Armslore Armslore determines the properties and magical attributes of objects.
Lockpicking Lockpicking determines a player's ability to open locked chests and doors using lockpicks.
Mentoring The art of sharing your wisdom and teaching skills to other players
Spirit Speak Spirit Speak gives you the ability to speak with the dead.
Treasure Hunting Treasure Hunting determines a player's ability to decipher treasure maps and locate buried treasure.

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