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Most activities in Legends of Aria which perform any form of success/failure checking are either dependent on or affected by the stats and/or the skill of the character performing them.

Players may check their character's stats in Character menu (Default hotkey: "C").

There are six stats for characters and creatures which affect proficiency at certain activities. Stats increase when a player successfully performs an action tied to that stat. For example, fighting with a weapon will affect strength & agility.
NOTE: Gaining a skill point does not give you a chance to raise a stat, successfully completing an action does. This means you are more likely to increase your stats when you have a higher skill in an action that can cause stat gain because you fail less. However, you will not gain stats from using a skill that is already at 100.

Stat Behaviours

Upon character creation, the starting value of each stat is 20. A stat's minimum possible value is 10. The maximum value for any stat is 100. The maximum total value of all stats is 600.

On Novus Redux it is possible to "max out" all the player's stats.

List of Stats

Stat Primary influence on Primary factor for Additional benefits Activities to increase Stat
Strength Weapon Damage Increases damage with weapons Increases carry weight by 1 Mining


Fighting with melee weapon

Agility Stamina Pool Increased Stamina Pool .25 Increased attack speed every 15 points Fighting with melee weapon

Hiding, Stealth, Lockpicking

Intelligence Mana Pool Increased Mana Pool Increased Spell Power Magery

Animal Taming

Constitution Health Pool Increases Health Pool by 5 - **See Special Note Below**
Wisdom ------ no longer affects magic resist, unknown/no use at this time - All Skills
Will CC Resistance Chance to resist stun - All Skills


  • Constitution has a special mechanic whereby you cannot gain constitution unless you are using a skill that has 2x your constitution value as skill. For example, if you have 20 constitution, you need to use a skill that is 40 or above. If you have 35 constitution its 70 or above. And so on. From this mechanic, any skill will increase you constitution so long as it meets the requirement. [FACT CHECK REQUIRED -XD, you can gain constitution to 100, but no skill goes beyond 100. Impossible to have 200 skill to train constitution with given formula. Also, gained 100th CON from mining alone, a week after getting to 99.]
  • Wearing heavy armor impacts Agility (-3 per piece of armor total of -9 with a full suit). [FACT CHECK REQUIRED -XD, full plate is -15]
  • Agility increases attack speed of both melee and ranged weapons.

[Suggest removing this section, added description of +5 hp per CON above, needless clutter -XD]


Constitution Health Points
10 150 HP
15 200 HP
20 250 HP
25 325 HP
30 400 HP
35 450 HP
40 500 HP
45 525 HP
50 550 HP

[Fact Check, -XD]


Strength Weapon base attack
10 0% weapon base attack
15 35% weapon base attack
20 45% weapon base attack
25 60% weapon base attack
30 70% weapon base attack
35 85% weapon base attack
40 100% weapon base attack
45 110% weapon base attack
50 120% weapon base attack

[Outdated, suggest removing -XD]


Wisdom Parry magic damage
10 0% resist magic damage
20 12.5% resist magic damage
30 25% resist magic damage
40 37.5% resist magic damage
50 50% resist magic damage

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